*SECONDS* Silicone Mould - Cactus Drops

*SECONDS* Silicone Mould - Cactus Drops

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Cactus Drops - Hand drawn by us, this shape is EXCLUSIVE to Rock and Bonds!

This mould is perfect for 1 pair of drops (with toppers). Included is 2 pairs of circles for that pesky left over resin - no waste here!

Circles - 1 pair x 1.5cm
Cactus - 1 pair x 4cm
Hanging holes are included so no drilling is required in your pieces.

Circles - 2 pairs x 1cm
No hanging holes.

Cast pieces will have a shiny finish.

There are 3 levels of seconds;
Level 1 - Minor imperfections in the mould housing (bubbles, lines or a pesky piece of fluff). Cast pieces WILL NOT be affected.

Level 2 - 1 or more hanging holes are missing or have bubbles - You will be required to drill a hole in the cast piece.
There may also be a combination of this and level 1.

Level 3 - Small blubbles, marks or dents in some of the earring piece/s. This may show in your cast pieces.
There may also be a combination of this and levels 1 and 2.

All of our moulds are hand-poured using only high quality silicone. Each mould is handmade by me - no fancy machines or tools. These are made exactly how I make moulds for my personal collection - tried & tested.
Because of the handmade nature, small imperfections, varying thicknesses, lines and bubbles may be present. This is not a fault and is considered part of the product.

You may not receive the item in this picture, but will receive this style and your individual mould may differ in colour.

Care instructions will be included with your purchase.

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